DELMINO is a full-service agency that offers comprehensive creative and strategic solutions for marketing your products or services. Our unique and highly experienced team of individuals is committed to helping you through all the steps of this process.

OUR GOAL is to create unrivaled images and communications that set you apart from your competition
and to maintain consistency throughout all of your marketing activities.

OUR PROCESS is to develop customized marketing solutions based on your unparalleled offering
to your customers.

OUR EXPERIENCE includes branding, company positioning, marketing and
sales alignment, creative design, website development and data analysis.


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Your logo is the centerpiece of your brand image.


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Creative print collateral material is an effective way to deliver your message to your customers.
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A well-designed website is a powerful marketing tool.

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We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients.


We find creative ways to make a strong impression that lasts.

We specialize in creating a name, symbol or design that not only identifies you but differentiates you from your competition. The areas of our expertise include:

Establishing the foundation for your brand
  • Logo Design
  • Tagline development to capture the essence of your brand
  • Creation of a style guide which contains the brand standards for all marketing materials
Developing your brand strategy
  • Defining your customers
  • Developing the brand messages and visual elements
  • Identifying where, how and when to communicate your messages
Communicating your brand
  • Website design
  • Promotional materials development
  • Video production
  • Packaging design
Our Process
Uncover your unique story – Define your goals, timing and budget.
Uncover your remarkable story. Define your goals, timing and budget.
Build cohesive strategy and accurately align your wants and needs.Then present this direction and go to work for you.
We execute the creative and development process to shape your unique story.We present our initial ideas.
We take in your feedback and mutually clarify to improve and perfect. We present again and upon approval, we finalize for implementation.
Shortly after we implement your project to the appropriate channels, we touch base on additional ways to keep evolving your business.

Our team is an exceptional group of
people whose mantra is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

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John Minor
Sandy Blackwell
Rick Steed